Success Stories

Knee Pain Relief
"My son was struggling with pain in his knee. He would wake up and go to bed in tears. Eventually, he wasn’t even able to get out of bed. When we took him to the hospital they told us there was nothing they could do as it was just growing pains. After I spoke to Aunty Bola, she suggested a supplement for his pain and before long he began to feel better."
E. Orogan
Chronic Headaches
"I used to get chronic headaches that would leave me unable to do my normal activities. Painkillers were utterly useless and it was starting to become hopeless. Then I met Aunty Bola, she suggested I reduce my dairy intake and gave me an oil to use. Almost instantly, my headaches disappeared. Since then, I barely get them. God bless Aunty Bola🙏🏾"
"Ever since she was very young, my child has had eczema. We have tried all sorts of creams and soaps and seen various dermatologists. She was put on autoimmune suppressants and had to do regular blood test to monitor any effect on her organs. She also had to wear special bandages and go for weekly dressings in the hospital. This worked for sometime but recently she had a very bad breakout. We couldn’t go to the hospital because of Covid. Her body was very itchy and sore and her face was full of bumps that were weeping infected. As a result of this she couldn’t go to work and was in severe pain. To the glory of God, she was referred to Eden Health and within 2-3 days, the infection on her face had begun to heal and the itching on her body started to subside. The healing is progressing very well and she’s back to work. God bless Eden Health🙏🏾."
S Oyin
Reducing Cholesterol Levels
"Today is my 1 year anniversary of lowering my cholesterol levels without medication. My cholesterol level was very high some few months ago but I refused cholesterol medication. Instead I followed Mrs Ajewole’s advice to eat healthier and exercise regularly. This reduced my cholesterol from 7 to 5.5. Following a routine blood test, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had dropped even further. My GP was amazed and glad she never prescribed me medication as I would’ve never recovered from the side effects. She congratulated me and said I should continue what I have been doing because it is definitely working. I hope I have encouraged someone today. The key to excellent health is healthy eating and regular exercise. Glory to God and a big thanks to our CEO for her support and encouragement."
Mystery illness
For over a year, I was constantly weak and tired. My body‘s immune system was shutting down and despite countless GP visits and referrals, there was no long-term cure. I was prescribed many different medicines to manage the pain but never dealt with the root cause. Two years ago, I contacted Mrs Ajewole. After only four weeks I feel like I’ve been reborn and my GP has also confirmed visible improvements. I needed to learn to listen to what my body needs and Eden health readily taught me. All glory to God and special thanks to Eden health for being a positive influence on my life, my health and wellbeing. May almighty God increase all that is good within you. Thank you.
"Hello everyone, today I have 2 testimonies. The first of these is about my liver. I have struggled with toxins in my body for a while, to the point where I have even had an operation to remove gallstones. After carefully following the detox plan given to me, I have never felt better. This has also fixed my constipation issue. The second of these pertains to my respiratory tract infection. After changing my diet and using some oils that were recommended to me, it has improved tremendously. By changing small things in my diet and taking time to include other things I have noticed a great improvement both inside and out. I feel healthier and my skin has started to glow. Thank you so much Mama B!"
T. Toto
"Hello everyone. I want to share my testimony with you about my chronic toothache. For two years I was suffering with intense pain in my teeth. I also had two teeth extracted. After the second extraction, severe bouts of pain followed. The only solution, it seemed, from my dentist was to extract more teeth and look at other options. I told God I wanted him to heal me and had faith that he would do so. The pain restricted me from eating meat no matter how soft it was and I had many sleepless and agonizing nights. I was not able to attend functions as I was in too much pain. One night however, I felt a little better and told my wife we should attend one of the parties we had canceled. Little did I know this was God leading me to meet sister Bola. When we first met I explained my predicament and she gave me several recommendations on what to use. The next day, I went out to buy a particular mouthwash she had recommended. To the glory of God, by the time I had finished the first bottle, I was already feeling much better. Hallelujah! Since then, a year has passed and I have not had any further issues with my teeth and I do not take any medication.God is awesome. I have seen him in action. 🙌🏾 More wisdom for our sister Bola, Eden Health in Jesus name🙏🏾"
A. Ada
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