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Healthy lifestyle is an important factor in living enjoyable lifespan.  Increasing number of people suffering from stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, fibroid, cancer are becoming alarming on daily basis, and many of these disease are generally higher among African and Caribbean population in the UK. To illustrate, a study carried out by researchers at Imperial College discovered that white people who had two or more ‘risk’ factors for heart disease or stroke (such as diabetes and heart failure) had better blood pressure control (a drop of -9.4 mm Hg) than African Caribbeans. This is mainly due to unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, and little knowledge on the adequate steps to live a healthy lifestyle.

If left unresolved, this may lead to the development of secondary physical conditions such as strokes, cancer and heart disease and mental health disorders. Due to background and cultural understanding; Eden health offers health and well-being information, advice and support through natural root remedies; targeted at Black Ethnic Minorities especially African-Caribbean individuals who are at a higher risk of long term health conditions. We believe that all individuals have the ability to live a healthy lifestyle and if this is started early, it would reduce the incidence of complex health conditions in future; reduce rate of visits to GP; the cost of treatment on NHS and increase better/healthy lifestyle.


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