“Hello everyone. I want to share my testimony with you about my chronic toothache. For two years I was suffering with intense pain in my teeth. I also had two teeth extracted. After the second extraction, severe bouts of pain followed. The only solution, it seemed, from my dentist was to extract more teeth and look at other options. I told God I wanted him to heal me and had faith that he would do so. The pain restricted me from eating meat no matter how soft it was and I had many sleepless and agonizing nights. I was not able to attend functions as I was in too much pain. One night however, I felt a little better and told my wife we should attend one of the parties we had canceled. Little did I know this was God leading me to meet sister Bola. When we first met I explained my predicament and she gave me several recommendations on what to use. The next day, I went out to buy a particular mouthwash she had recommended. To the glory of God, by the time I had finished the first bottle, I was already feeling much better. Hallelujah! Since then, a year has passed and I have not had any further issues with my teeth and I do not take any medication.God is awesome. I have seen him in action. 🙌🏾 More wisdom for our sister Bola, Eden Health in Jesus name🙏🏾“​

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