Adhd Treatment

Good evening mama

How are you and the family? I have a testimony. The Lord has really used you for my family and I have come to give glory to God for His works through you ma.

My son was diagnosed with Adhd and Autism in 2016 when he was 6 years old and his school was constantly complaining they couldnt manage him.
He was first placed on concerta 30mg and when it didnt work, he was given medikinet from 30mg to 60mg daily.

I came to you and we worked out a change of diet plan. I swapped his milk for a healthy diary free alternative and introduced more healthy options in his meals instead of the junk he used to have. You also recommended some multivitamins.

I have started to see great changes and the school also testifies to this. I am so glad that making so little changes made such a massive difference.

Pls dont stop doing the work God has called you to do. The Lord will lift you up and increase you on every side. Thanks so much ma. God bless you richly

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