Dear Mrs Ajewole,
It’s been a year now since I have been introduced to you time do fly.
Yes I had been diagnosed with a leukaemia in November 2018 and have been in hospital for 7 weeks for the first chemo run. It’s when I came home for 3 weeks break that a friend of mine introduced me to Mrs Bola and since then we did the journey together. She did a scan and found out what I needed to change in what I was eating. We started with some juices and some advice on what to eat and what to avoid. I have also been advised some vitamins. The first run of chemo was not successful but since I started following religiously the advise and with the grace of God the following two runs of chemo went well and objectives reached. The journey went then to the transplant which also went well although I suffered from some side effects all was good at the end by the grace of God. I am now in a restoration phase where I am building up a new immune system. My last bone marrow showed a complete remission. I am still under Eden Health care and I am so pleased and I thank God for allowing me to meet Mrs Ajewole. I pray that her ministry grows and God uses her to cure more cases and help more people. I am so grateful and will always praise The Lord for her life.

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