Breast Cancer

I want to return all the glory to God for restoring my health and connecting me to sis Bola CEO Eden health. Seven months ago I was diagnosed with right breast cancer, I had three different lumps(G2, G1), further scans had shown liver and lung lesions which meant medically I would need total mastectomy, chemotherapy and Radiation. That was the doctors report but I held on God’s reports, which says I’m well, and healed by the blood of Jesus. I immediately went to see sis Bola, Eden health and did a scan which highlighted the minerals and vitamins missing in my body, she recommended a detox programme, juicing and supplementing on the vitamins and mineral highlighted in the machine. She told me about healthy eating and choosing the right anti cancer foods and supplements. I thank God for sis Bola commitment to her clients, we did food shopping and cooking lesson, she continued encouraging and supporting me spiritually and physically. After I completed the detox and changing my diet, I had a repeat scan at the hospital and the lesions had disappeared, and the breast lumps reduced, I only needed to have them removed not the whole breast, and in six months declared cancer free without the use of chemotherapy. I remember sis Bola explaining that we are what we eat , which is true, a repeat scan with Eden health showed my parameters back to normal. I have changed my diet and slowly introducing it to my family, Thank you Eden health, God bless your ministry, for God is healing people through you. If you have any health issues don’t hesitate to see her, she is beautiful inside outside, knowledgeable and committed to what God has called her to do. She has blessed me and my family.🙏🏽🙏🏽

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