Autoimmune Disease

Permit me to say that I was blessed the day I met Bola.
My ailment started about 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was devastated at the news. I have since then used many medications…
However, I met Bola in August 2017 during the flare-up period of the disease. Mine started with a skin eruption.
Immediately we met, she told me to bring pen and paper, and she listed all the foods, vegetables and fruits that I should be eating.
I followed her advice and I even drew a food timetable for myself. It was very difficult for me at first. She also adviced that I avoid stress and try to get enough sleep. All these I followed and I am used to them now. I must confess that I have experienced tremendous improvement since.
Although according to what we have read, autoimmune disease has no cure, but there is nothing incurable by God because He is a great Physician. He will cure me and everyone of us IJN. Also we should take time and look after ourselves and ask for help especially concerning our health. I pray that I will have an opportunity to share my testimony and show you my pictures when my healing is complete IJMN.

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