“Ever since she was very young, my child has had eczema. We have tried all sorts of creams and soaps and seen various dermatologists. She was put on autoimmune suppressants and had to do regular blood test to monitor any effect on her organs. She also had to wear special bandages and go for weekly dressings in the hospital. This worked for sometime but recently she had a very bad breakout. We couldn’t go to the hospital because of Covid. Her body was very itchy and sore and her face was full of bumps that were weeping infected. As a result of this she couldn’t go to work and was in severe pain. To the glory of God, she was referred to Eden Health and within 2-3 days, the infection on her face had begun to heal and the itching on her body started to subside. The healing is progressing very well and she’s back to work. God bless Eden Health🙏🏾.”

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