Kidney Cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney back in September, my world almost crashed but I rejected the news and ran out of the hospital, the hospital kept calling and eventually, I went back. My consultant told me that I was lucky because they found it in time but my right kidney was gone, engulfed with cancer (8.4cm) he said there was something unusual about it, that tumour that big and not spreading, something had confined it in place, then he asked me, did you change your diet, your lifestyle, there must be something that you change recently that has had an impact on the cancer. I said it was my Redeemer Jesus who brought me into contact with Eden Health who changed my eating habits to a healthy one. I met Eden Health at a function and engaged with them, I was invited for a consultation and taught how to eat healthy. We cooked different foods and different things just for a token and she told me where to buy stuff too, that was how my journey began. I most tell you it was very difficult to let go of all those junk that I loved. But I was determined to take some drastic change and I didn’t know why at that point only for me to know later that Olowogbogboro was at work, my children and husband laughed at me. To cut my long story short my consultant said I have to remove the kidney immediately, I agreed and it was taken out, I went through hell but I am well now, still following my healthy eating, I even asked Bola to cook quinoa for me when I was on the sick bed. The good news I got this January was that I’m 💯percent cleared of cancer no more follow ups. I just thank God and I thank the day I met Eden Health, what can I say, the mercies of God will continually be your portion, thank you so much. Now you will never see me eat junk, I am introducing it into my home gradually. If you have been in my position before you will understand what it means when you are told you have cancer, please don’t wait until you are told, start now and stay faithful to yourself. God bless you all.

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