Ovarian Cancer

Good afternoon Anty Bola,
I want to use this opportunity to say thank to Anty Bola of Eden health, I am short of words because I don’t know where to start. I was diagnosed or wrongly diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3 in March 2019, crying my eyes out that day a friend introduced me to Anty Bola who did not only took me in as a client but as a sister, she did can scan for me and to my surprise the scan showed almost everything the doctors said was wrong with me, but the advantage was that the scan showed me the things my body needed to feel better. After 2 weeks they found out what I had wasn’t ovarian cancer but another type of cancer and needed a 14hours surgery and was told that I will have to lose like 12 organs to be able to have a chance to life. Anty Bola stood with me through it all, she helped changed my life style, prayed always with and encouraged me. Told me she will do anything in her power to help me and that with on our side we will be successful. Today I am doing really well after the surgery, doctors said I couldn’t do anything till after 3/6 months, but with all the changes I have made with my life style, my recovering is shocking everybody and she is still helping me to follow the right path. May God bless you and keep using you to save lives, you are through God-sent

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