Weight Issues, Arthritis, Sleep Apnoea and High Blood Pressure

I came to Eden Health with a thousand and one health problems, Bola had approached me previously to advise me but at the time I was not keen as I was still applying my own supposed solutions. I had the following health challenges: –
1. Overweight
2. High blood pressure
3. Arthritis
4. Insomnia
5. Generalised body pain of unknown cause.
6. Sleep apnoea.
7. High cholesterol.
8. Swollen feet.

I came back from holidays from America in July 2016 and even though I was overweight before, my weight steadily increased despite diets and exercises of all sorts. I even enrolled for swimming classes all to no avail.
It was then I remembered my sister’s offer and went back to her in November 2016. She talked me through a few things and took my initial measurements. The rest is history.
Within 3 weeks of starting on my new lifestyle, the body pains began to slowly disappear. Prior to that, I could not go through the day without popping painkillers. The last time I touched them was November 2016. I could not sleep without waking up with a headache, but not anymore. The sleep apnoea is gone. I can sleep with minimal effort; that is a miracle. Putting one foot in front of another was an ordeal, but now I jump up and down like a teenager. I can run up and down my stairs easily.
I was on several medications from the GP for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but the side effects were killing me slowly; they only added to the pain. Now I am on half the dosage every other day, not even daily.
Within 4 months I dropped 5kg in weight. I would have lost more but winter came and I was not doing my evening walks because of the cold weather so I limited my exercise to the exercise bicycle indoors. My swollen feet disappeared as well.
All of these came by changing my diet, eating habits, exercising and educating myself on healthy foods; no medications whatsoever. I have never felt as good as this and I know it will get even better. I return all the glory to God and I thank Eden Health for being the instrument He used.
March 2017

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